Notes from the Rig Driver

Thr Rig and I are quickly becoming best buds.  I think she resisted at first, perhaps unaccustomed to the feminine touch, but she has come around and responds well to my commands.  Still, I respect her preferences and try to accommodate her as needed.  I’ve learned that she prefers a slower pace which gives her time to look for wild life and follow directions.  40 miles per hour seems to be a comfortable cruising speed but this is difficult when the speed limit is 60. This is why she enjoys roads with the least amount of traffic, especially big rigs.  Fortunately, the further along our route, the less traffic we have. Her favorite road sign is “Reduced Speed Ahead” and she adheres without complaint to those speed reductions.  The Rig also likes the roads with many turn offs so that she can let those in a hurry pass. She does grumble when I try to accelerate going up hill and I’ve found that while she may push herself and angrily roar her engine, this does not necessarily indicate any increase in speed. What it does indicate is using a lot of fuel without much gain. Thus we keep to the slow lane and know that eventually we will reach the top.

Crew and bikers have grown to appreciate the RV life style.  Initially we mocked the AC unit, but now we can’t live without it.  Given the current heat warnings and 90 degree weather, the cool air in the Rig is a much appreciated blessing. The convenience of the beds, storage, refrigerator, and head has made this trip more pleasurable and perhaps even possible.  Given the morning resistance from the stoker and fatigue from both (captain and stoker) after the ride, the Rig is not only home, but a necessary place to rest.


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