Los animales

One of my favorite parts of this trip is watching and observing all the animals on our trip. While riding, I constantly watch the birds fluttering and chirping around us. One of my favorites to watch are the hawks. They are so big and sometimes I can even feel the powerful swoosh of their wings if they come close enough. The variety of birds definetly keeps me ouccupied during the long hours of riding.

Another one of my favorite animals to see while we are riding is the horses. I love horses and I am always thrilled to see them on the side of the road. On one of our training rides before the trip, I made Dad promise to stop and let me pet the horses whenever I wanted to. So if the horses are right next to the fence, or even if I just need a break from riding, we stop and I pet and feed the horses. I especially love the baby horses. They are so cute! Today we stopped and there were two baby horses! It was a great mental break.

Not only do I enjoy viewing animals while we are riding, but also in the rig. Yesterday we were at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It was so beautiful in the badlands! We saw wild horses, prairie dogs, elk, and deer. But at the park my favorite was the buffalo. We went up to the park during the heat of the day, so we only saw one bison very far away. But later on we were told that they all come out later in the evening. So after dinner we again drove up to the park. We were desperate to see more buffalo so we kept searching for a while. Then, all of a sudden, just like we had dreamed of, we rounded a corner and there was a whole herd of buffalo standing in the street! It was absolutely amazing. And there were also baby bison which I loved, just like the baby horses. We watched them slowly cross the road, and were amazed by their size and beauty. Also, on the way out of he park we saw a single buffalo right next to the road! We slowly drove past it and got an amazing up close view of the wild animal. The park and it’s wild animals definetly made my day. 

3 thoughts on “Los animales

  1. I really liked hearing about how you see the nature around you- you describe it so well. It would be amazing to feel a hawk fly by! Keep going, I know you can do it! (that last one is for John) I already know you’ll make it!


  2. Good writing; I can just about feel the wildlife you are describing! Wonder what makes the young of a species so endearing?


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