Day 60 – Vermont

We rode over our first covered bridge just before entering Vermont. 

Today was one of the hottest days so far, with the temperature in the high 80’s and humidity in the 70’s. My jersey was drenched with sweat as we pedaled 53 miles through the rolling back country roads of NY and into Vermont. As we came upon the road closure sign I checked our map to learn the detour would be long so we proceeded past the sign in hopes of passing anyway. Fortunately the nice road workers offered to carry our bike over the half constructed bridge and we were soon on our way again. 

After passing through Bennington we started ascending to our final destination of the day, an RV resort at the Prospect Mountain Ski Area at 2,400 feet in the Catskills. It was reminiscent of Stevens Pass as we ground out the vertical, sweating profusely and savoring the last few drops of Gatorade and water in our bottles, muscles aching all the way. 

Fortunately the hot weather was short lived and we enjoyed a cool breeze through dinner. It’s now raining hard with lightening striking all around, though tomorrow is projected to be sunny and in the 70’s for our ride into New Hampshire. 


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