Day 1 Send Off

Golden Gardens, Seattle – Oxbow Farm, Carnation. Despite quickly rising temperatures, many friends and family joined us for support as John and Olivia dipped the rear tire of “Double Stuff” into the Salish Sea. Kids, both big and small, enjoyed the    donated Top Pot Donuts and coffee while socializing before the big send off. Quite a few bikers joined in the fun (and even one unicycle) as they headed off towards Oxbow Farm. Some left and some joined until the end where the rig and crew provided cool refreshments and snacks. We are blessed to have the support of so many and we are thrilled to finally be on the road (and trail). 

April 29 Shakedown

April 29

This was our maiden shake down trip on the Rig. This was the trip where we could make mistakes, learn what we need and don’t need, drive to big parking lots, and learn our way around an RV “resort”. As the primary driver of The Rig, I promptly made my first mistake by driving over the riser rather than backing off. This crushed the riser which is now no longer of use. John said that I successfully made my allotted one mistake in under a minute. Still, no one was hurt so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Our first stop was Cabela’s. For those unfamiliar with the store, you are required to check your firearms upon entering. On a Saturday night, people were actually doing this. Clearly I have a lot to learn. I tried to reassure Olivia that the stuffed animals were not real, but I really wasn’t sure. We bought some bear and pepper spray for the wild beasts that might try to attack us and a new signature Cabela’s coffee percolator. You can see our priorities – life and coffee.

Upon exiting the store, we noted our hunger. Fortunately, Bob’s Burgers and Brew was nearby and satisfied our need for nourishment. Though the salads looked good, we stuck to the restaurant’s name sake and had burgers and beer.

Then it was off to Lake Ki RV Resort. At this point it was late and the office was closed, but we found our way to our site and I successfully backed in with John’s help.  He didn’t yell at me too much and I only needed to straighten out twice and I didn’t crash into the garbage cans, so I call that a success! We hooked up the rig to the electrical, turned on the heat, and hit the sack.

We must have been tired because we slept in until 7:45AM. We discovered that our stove does not cook hot so the coffee took forever to brew, but once we had it in our mugs, John and went down to the lake and chatted with a dad and a daughter trout fishing. A case of Busch beer sat in an empty boat and we noted that we need some of that as well in our fridge for those who don’t like PBR.

After a leisurely breakfast (because our stove won’t let us cook fast), we expunged the bowels of the rig into the proper receptacle (new hose is needed), and left for the Centennial Trail. John and Olivia rode 20 miles straight to historic Snohomish where I met them for lunch. They took off for the remaining 30-mile ride home and after some contributions to the local economy I followed suit. We all made it back in one piece though Olivia forgot sunscreen and got burned on her face (lesson learned?). With a feeling of accomplishment, I parked The Rig at home glad that I successfully didn’t hit anything, nor did I have to back up!