The “Flatlands”

We have been told lies. Lies that gave us false hope. Hope that made dreams. Dreams that were crushed. People from home, and locals, had shared that Montana and North Dakota would be flat and easy. But I know differently. Every day we have had rolling hills to conquer. Although the hills may not be a tall standing mountain, they were plentiful and brutal. As the days passed, we found we were doing almost as much vertical as Going to the Sun highway. But unlike Glacier Pass, we were not mentally prepared for the elevation gain. Each day we went up and up in the “flatlands”. We have learned our lesson. People in cars don’t notice the inclines and declines of the strait roads. But every little hill is noticeable on the bike. We can’t expect any day to be easy. Now we know to be prepared for anything.  

3 thoughts on “The “Flatlands”

  1. Ouch! I hope you are not too jaded from having your dreams of an easy ride crushed, Olivia. What a great life lesson about perspective. When I was 8 or 9 in northern Illinois, we had some sort of test about local geography, and I said it was hilly, because I rode my bike everywhere, and it was! Alas, I got that question wrong.

    Happy peddling!


  2. Sorry it has been hillier that expected. I know I always said Iowa was so flat and Boma would always say no….it’s rolling. Everyone has a different perspective.😊 Maybe it will flatten out in Minnesota but I remember that as pretty hilly in some places. Have fun with our friends in St. Cloud, they are looking forward to meeting you all. Bass Lake just around the corner!


  3. Oh Olivia! It’s best to learn now that life is full of lies and delusions. We learned long ago that the world is round. It’s completely unfair that they named it the “Flatlands” but now you know not to believe everything you are told. Truth comes when you live it. I love reading all the blogs! Stay safe and May there be more road with minimal rumble.


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